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Rental Cars

Renting a car in Mazatlan is the best way to fully explore Mazatlan and it’s surrounding areas. You will be able to cruise through the Golden Zone at your own leisure. Additionally, you will save yourself time and money by not paying for cabs or public transportation to travel everywhere.

Mazatlan car rentals include most of the big car companies that you will recognize from home.

Average Rates for Car Rentals in Mazatlan

  • An average smaller car is around $50 a day
  • SUVs or mini-Vans are around $80 for a daily rental

Mazatlan Car Rental Permits and Insurance

If you are renting a car in Mazatlan, make sure that you have the right permits and insurance. Your driver’s license may not be recognized, so getting an IDP might be advisable.

Also, making sure that you have insurance when you have a Mazatlan rental car is important. Collision and damage insurance as well as personal accident insurance are a must. If you are booking your car ahead of time, make sure that the insurance rate is included in your quoted price. Otherwise you might run into extra charges for the insurance when you actually rent the car in Mazatlan.

Cancun Car Emergencies

If you run into any trouble with your rental car while you are driving in Cancun or the surrounding area, the Mexican Tourism Ministry has a program called Green Angels. These pick up trucks are there to help you in case of emergency. They patrol the highways in order to help stranded motorists. Call 078.