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If you have been looking for a Mexico beach destination wedding Mazatlan is the perfect place.

The city is a great example of inexpensive accommodations, great food, wonderful atmosphere, and beautiful golden beaches that travel in Mexico is often associated with.

If you are dreaming of a tropical and romantic beach wedding at a reasonable price then look no further, because a wedding in Mazatlan is the perfect blend of all three.

A Mazatlan wedding at Pueblo Bonito Mazatlan
Looking for the perfect resort for your dream wedding in Mazatlan? Pueblo Bonito Resorts has two – Pueblo Bonito Emerald Bay Resort & Spa and Pueblo Bonito Mazatlan.

Exchange your vows on Pueblo Bonito Emerald Bay’s private beach or have a beachfront ceremony at Pueblo Bonito Mazatlan with a sunset backdrop.

Both resorts offer professional wedding planners to make your dream of the perfect Mazatlan wedding come true. Wedding packages and other services are available.

Mazatlan Wedding Locations

Mazatlan offers many wonderful choices for a wedding venue. Mazatlan is surrounded by a romantic atmosphere with beautiful gold sand and amazing views of the Pacific Ocean. Choosing from all the unique locations will be difficult.  Listed below are some of the many options for having your ceremony and wedding in Mazatlan.

Beach front Mazatlan weddings

Many brides dream of being married on the beach. Mazatlan offers a variety of beach locations to choose from.

  • Casa Lucila – 669 982 1100
  • Coral Island Hotel and Spa – 669-989 6050
  • Costa De Oro – 669 913 2005
  • Emporio Mazatlan – 669 983 4822
  • Holiday Inn Sunspree Resort – 669 913 2222
  • Isla Mazatlan Golden Resort- 669 913 3388
  • Mayan Sea Garden – 669 989 4000
  • Playa Mazatlan – 669 989 0555
  • Pueblo Bonito Emerald Bay Resort & Spa 669 989-0525
  • Pueblo Bonito Mazatlan 669 989 8900
  • Royal Villas – Resort 669 916 6161
  • Ramada Resort – Mazatlan 669 983 5333

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Mazatlan all Inclusive weddings

Having an all inclusive wedding in Mazatlan is a popular wedding choice. An all inclusive resort is a great option for the wedding couple and guests. It can be a wonderful deal for whatever budget you have.

All Inclusive Wedding locations in Mazatlan

Tips for your Wedding in Mazatlan

  • Planning your own wedding can be stressful hire a wedding planner who specializes in Mazatlan weddings.
  • Research the many packages that hotels and villas offer for your Mazatlan wedding.
  • Weddings in Mazatlan should be planned in advance. If you want to have your wedding during a holiday, you should reserve in advance.
  • Order flower arrangements in advance of your Mazatlan wedding.
  • If you are having your hair done by a local spa or salon for your wedding, do a trial run.
  • Negotiate for the best price.

Mazatlan Wedding Legal Tips

Getting legally married in Mazatlan without using a Mazatlan wedding coordinator can be a difficult process. This is why many couples choose to marry in their home country and then have a ceremony and reception in Mazatlan. You should contact your nearest Mexican Consulate for more details.

  • All the foreign documents below need to be translated into Spanish except your passport
  • Documents need to be notarized by a Mexican Consulate and be legal in the country that you live in by the appropriate authorities.
  • You must obtain a marriage application from the local registry office in Mexico. This is where you will specify if you will get married under separate or joint property
  • To get legally married in Mazatlan you must be 18 or have documented parental consent
  • You and four witnesses must have passports that are valid for at least 6 months
  • You will need original copies of the tourist permit that you have completed at the port of entry when you entered Mexico or a resident permit (visa,FM3,Fm2,)
  • You need to have a certified birth certificate that is translated by an approved translator.
  • If either the bride or the groom has been previously married you will need copies of the divorce decree or a copy of the death certificate.
  • You need a blood test done in Mexico with the results written in Spanish. This test must be done within a certain time frame of the Marriage application.