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Family Reunions

Mazatlan is a great destination for family reunions. There are plenty of options for large gatherings at your disposal.

Condo rentals in the area are a good idea because they are private places with large amounts of room for large families.

Hotels in the area are a good alternative as well. Most of them will be happy to work with you and accommodate your family.

Tips for Planning a Family Reunion in Mazatlan

  • Start Planning Early – Make sure to give family members enough time to prepare. They may need to save money for the vacation or adjust their schedules. 1-2 years in advance is recommended.
  • Avoid Holidays or Other Special Occasions - Try not to schedule your Mazatlan family reunion on major holidays, or during prom and graduation season. This will make it easier for traveling (no Christmas rush) and ensure that your family members don’t have other plans.
  • Make Sure There is Something for Everyone – Consider holding the family reunion on a cruise ship or at an all-inclusive resort. Each offers entertainment options for every generation and can take much of the stress out of planning activities around varying interests.