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Dining and Nightlife

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Whatever your dining or nightlife forte, Mazatlán is sure to leave you with great memories! There is something for everyone located in the city, and most of these establishments are conveniently located near hotels in the Golden Zone.

Mazatlan Restaurants

Whether you’re looking to start a long night of partying with food and drinks, or just looking for a relaxing eatery with a view, Mazatlán has the place for you. There are a plethora of restaurants found within the Golden Zone that serve a variety of foods, as well as additional restaurants located in Old Mazatlán and downtown. Wherever you go in Mazatlán the wait staff is always friendly and helpful for tourists.

You will be able to try cuisines from around the world in Mazatlán, but you would be missing out if you didn’t sample the local cuisine during your trip. Mazatlán features some of the best seafood in the region due to the abundance of great fish in the area. This seafood combined with traditional Mexican cuisine is truly unique and delicious. Every visitor should try eating authentic Mexican food, while sampling the local drinks. Combining the two with a waterfront view is a truly wonderful experience.

Mazatlan Nightlife

If it’s not just food you’re looking for, you will be happy to find ample places to get great drinks for cheap around the city. If you’re looking for dinner and a great place to pregame, you need look no further then Jungle Juice, Gringo Lingo, or Señor Frogs. The Señor Frogs in Mazatlán is the original and has since become a legendary mecca for visiting partiers across Mexico.

You make an entire night of hanging out at any of these places, but if it’s a true club atmosphere you’re looking for, Bora Bora is your safest bet. Bora Bora is a large open-air dance club where no place is off limits for dancing. It features 2 dance areas, elevated dance cages, and a wide bar where dancing is encouraged.