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The Malecón of Mazatlán

by Craig Zabransky on April 4, 2012

Until my first visit to Mazatlán, I never really knew about its malecón. Actually, and surprisingly, it is one of the largest (or longest) in Latin America. The seaside promenade stretches well over ten kilometers in its main section and always seems filled with activity plus wonderful views of the beach, the bay, art and culture. It is Mazatlan.

a portion of the promenade

Art Sculptures on the Malecón

Numerous sculptures line the malecón, but unlike its cousin in Puerto Vallarta the sculptures are not just a few blocks apart, but rather a greater distance. People walk or jog on the promenade and you can too, but the entire way would take the better part of the afternoon to see each sculpture up close.

a sculpture of the iconic taxi on the malecon

What I enjoyed most about the sculptures is how they tell the story of the city. Whether it is a performer who called Mazatlán home, a dedication to the sea and it is way of life, or even a tribute to the local brew or taxi, the sculptures represent the city. Again it is Mazatlán.

The Malecón after Sunset

As much as people walk or take a romantic stroll along the sea at night, you’ll also find car traffic at night as the local night clubs, especially for Valentino’s are so close. Plus, it can be the perfect place to watch a sunset too. The length has an advantage here as you can definitely find plenty of space to secure your own place along the promenade for romance, solitude, or to be with all your friends.

Also, at night the roadways are as perfectly safe at night just as they are in the daytime. It still serves as the main artery for the traffic, tourists and locals alike, traveling between Old Town and the Golden Zone.

when the sun sets, it heats up

Best Way to See the Malecón?

To walk the malecón is possible, but it is a long way. Certainly some stops along the way are possible (cerveza and fresh seafood are available) but I recommend a pulmonia taxi. The local open air taxi similar to a golf cart can take you from Old Town to the Golden Zone (or vice versa) along side the malecón. And any visit to Mazatlán must include activities in both neighborhoods. Plus, the pulmonia taxi always makes for a memorable part of any trip to Mazatlán

All Photos are Craig Zabransky


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  • Jim

    Thanks for the info. Planning a trip to Matazlan right now. Volaris has great prices on flights in June.

  • http://www.stayadventurous.com/ Craig Zabransky

    Jim, have fun… I know you will. It is a great destination in Mexico.
    stay adventurous, Craig

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