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Friday Photo – The Fresh Oysters of Mazatlan

by Craig Zabransky on May 11, 2012

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When people think of paradise, many people dream of an idyllic beach, a gorgeous sunset, and the perfect person to spend the day with. And many people find such a paradise in Mazatlan. I know, I’ve been there. But when you really start to think of such a paradise, I’d like to recommend you add a perfect food – fresh oysters.

Mazatlan is famous for its shrimp with one of the largest shrimping industries in the world, but don’t overlook its other seafood, especially its oysters. After a day at the beach in the Golden Zone enjoying the sun and surf I often find myself ordering a dozen. Always delicious. And one time I even watched a few gentlemen take a rubber tube out past the break to fill it up with oysters, the very oysters I ordered. That’s paradise found.

on the beach, I also added a ice cold pacifico to truly enjoy paradise

This Friday photo post coincides with the #frifotos (on twitter) theme paradise. And a true paradise includes fresh oysters for me, what does it include for you?

Photo: by Craig Zabransky.



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