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A Visit to a Tequila Distillery in Mazatlan?

by Craig Zabransky on January 11, 2012

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Can you visit a Tequila distillery in Mazatlan? Yes and no. Yes, you can visit a distillery that makes a 100% blue agave spirit, but no it officially can’t be labeled Tequila. Just as a sparkling wine outside of the Champagne region of France must take on a different name, all “Tequila” not from the Tequila region of Mexico can not be called Tequila. And the town of Tequila, Mexico is much closer to Guadalajarra and not reachable from Mazatlan on a day trip.

it tastes just like tequila...

Blue Agave Tour

So a Tequila tour might not be possible, but a Blue Agave tour and a chance to visit a distillery is an option from Mazatlan.

fields of blue agave...

Los Osunas, a small and humble operation is a place committed to quality, not mass production. A tour lasts forty-five minutes and starts with the initial process of heating up the “pineapple” or the heart of the Blue Agave and takes you all the way through two distillations and ends with eventual aging in oak barrels.

The Los Osunas distillery provides a peak into the process of how Tequila is (and was) made. And it’s all in a working distillery.

Los Osunas Repasado

At the end you are offered a taste and a chance to sip or shoot a shot of the Los Osunas Repasado. A repasado is aged in barrels from two-eleven months (anejo is aged longer). And the Repasado is an impressive double gold award winner from the San Francisco World Spirit Competition.

award winning...

Therefore my advice, sip it. Taste it and savor it. What you’ll realize is that’s it’s good, real good. (and it has no worm – that’s Mezcal). Bottles are also for sale at a reasonable price too. They can make a great souvenir if you can hold off from opening it before you leave Mazatlan.

the distillery... Los Osunas

Photos: All photos are from Craig Zabransky 


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