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Hunting in Mazatlan is enjoyable due to lax game limits, long seasons, plenty of rainfall, and a mild climate with plenty of food to lure potential game. Hunting has become increasingly popular in North West Mexico for American and European travelers. In Sinola wing hunting is incredibly due to lots of Flyways for migrating ducks and doves.

The state of Sinaloa in Mexico has a incredible variety of shore birds and waterfoul. Such toursbirds include including duck (canvasback, mallard, pintail, redhead, teal, widgeon, and others), quail (Bobwhite, Blue and Mountain) , and white-wing dove. Hunting limits for Ducks are roughly 20 per day and dove limits are approximately 46 daily, but these limits can change yearly. The Hunting season in Sinola lasts 120 days per year, starting the first week of November, through the first week of March.

Hunting Information

It is easy to set up hunting tours with any of the multitude of hunting clubs located in and around Mazatlan. Most feature their own land and can supply you with guns and ammunition for a fee.

If you decide to bring your own gun, you must first get a permit with the Mexican Government prior to your trip. Many of these hunting clubs will provide you with information on how to do this, and even help you with the process.