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Beach Guide

The city of Mazatlán has many beautiful beaches that cater to a variety of different visitors. There are beaches for people who want some peaceful R&R, sunbathers, active beachgoers, and even surfers and divers. The water is a warm around 65-75 degrees year round, and at low tide the beach stretches past 50 meters.

Popular Beaches

Playa Sabalo and Playa Las Gaviotas, Mazatlán’s most popular beaches, are filled with sunbathers, tourists, surfers, merchants, and swimmers. These beaches are perfect for sitting back, grabbing a drink, and people-watching.

The beaches are each fairly crowded, but incredibly lively. Many people spend the entire day there sunbathing or playing volleyball. These beaches are great if you plan on being more active while catching a tan.

Surfing Beaches

Surfers will feel at home at Playa Olas Atlas, Playa Bruja, or Playa Los Pinos. All of these beaches feature waves large enough for surfing, with the biggest waves located at Olas Altas, where the name actually means “High Wave Beach.”
Olas Altas was Mazatlán’s first popular beach for tourists, and has traditionally attracted lots of surfers and other visitors during the summertime. Even if you are not a surfer, Olas Altas is a good place to relax as it’s not as crowded as the other beaches located within the golden zone.

R&R Beaches

Mazatlán also features its iconic relaxing beaches with long uninterrupted expanses of sand. If these are the types of beaches that suit you, you should visit Playa Los Playa Bruja, Playa Los Cerritos, or Playa Olas Altas, all located north of the Zona Dorada, Mazatlán’s “Golden Zone.” Each beach is much less crowded then the beaches located to the south, and are perfect if you’re looking for a tranquil place to relax and listen to crashing waves.
The tide is stronger up at these beaches so swimmers beware, but they all offer great places for food or drinks to make up for less swimming time.