Mazatlan, Mexico – All About Mazatlan

Mazatlan Mexico - All About Mazatlan

Mazatlan, a Nahuatl word meaning “place of the deer,” is within 10 miles of the Pacific coast. Mazatlan is also right below the Tropic of Cancer, which puts it at the same latitude as Honolulu.

Because of it’s location, Mazatlan has has very mild weather. This weather includes a mild winter, and very little rain from the end of October to June. Throughout the year, temperatures generally range from 68 to 75 degrees Fahrenheit.

Mazatlan is also known as the “Pearl of the Pacific,” and is Mexico’s largest commercial port. In fact, Mazatlan is one the largest West Coast seaports, behind only the Los Angeles port, and the Panama Canal. Because of the port’s size, it is a stop for many cruises, including many that travel around the world.

The harbor in Mazatlan is the meeting point for the Sea of Cortez and the Pacific Ocean. This creates one of the greatest natural fish traps in the world, which explains why sportsfishing is one of Mazatlan’s favorite pastimes.

Due to its location, it is no small wonder that Mazatlan houses Mexico’s largest shrimp fleet, one of Mexico’s largest tuna fleets, and the largest tuna canning factories on the pacific coast.

The city of Mazatlan is filled with plenty to do. There are many family oriented activities, as well as great places to visit around the city, such as the Aquarium and Mazatlan’s beautiful beaches. Other popular activities in the city areo hunting, horseback riding, baseball, and golf.

Adults can also find plenty to do in Mazatlan. Beer fans can visit the Pacifico brewery, which is one of the country’s largest breweries. Mazatlan also celebrates Carnival, a massive festival and party that is celebrated around the world. Mazatlan also hosts a multitude of other events each year.

Those looking for great side trips can travel to the islands around the city for horseback riding or four wheeling. Visitors can also travel to the nearby gold and silver mining towns of Rosario, Copala, El Rosario, and Panuco. These towns are filled with a rich history

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